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Electromed, Inc.


Electromed, Inc. needed to increase brand awareness and overall product sales.


Understanding the ultimate goal, The Event Group began by developing a strong, sustainable brand identity. We then took that brand identity and incorporated it into all marketing and advertising materials. In order to ensure that the client was making financially sound marketing decisions, we worked with the client to create a budget tool that would help track all marketing and advertising expenditures. In addition, to make sure the client was getting the necessary ROI from the advertising, we worked with them to identify the correct target markets and focused the advertising to better serve those markets. The Event Group handled all aspects of Electromed, Inc.'s marketing and advertising, from media negotiations, to marketing design, development, and production.


Robert Hansen, former Chairman and CEO of Electromed, Inc., stated, "Great marketing leadership drives revenues and builds confidence. Yes, The Event Group has contributed great print and electronic images and messages supporting SmartVest®, but it has been the irrepressible encouragement, energy, intelligence, and goodwill evident in each member of its staff that has motivated and propelled our company to international recognition." With The Event Group's help, Electromed, Inc. was one of only two companies to successfully complete an IPO in Minnesota in 2010.