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Planning and growing successful events is our bread and butter - from small meetings to large, complex events, The Event Group has got you covered!

How We Can Help

Over the past 19 years, we have established a proven track record. We manage every detail of your event to ensure its total and complete success - building a strategic plan, executing marketing material to draw the right attendees, processing registrations, coordinating speakers, and selling sponsorships.

Our event planning team works with you to make your vision for a successful event a reality. With 19 years of experience, The Event Group can help you decrease costs, develop your strategic plan, increase attendance for your event, and grow revenue for you.

  • Planning and Logistics
  • Registration, Travel, and Venues
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Exhibitor Coordination
  • Event Marketing


Event planning is no simple task if your aim is to produce a wildly successful event, and no two events are alike. That's why our experienced staff starts with a consultation with each new client to develop a unique plan.

Our event planners meet with you face-to-face to first define your goals (attendance, revenue, education, exposure…) and then use that information to design your event. The final result? Maximized attendance by maximizing relevance.


Details, details, details! We bring everything together in the right place.

Audio/visual support, travel, catering, speaker coordination, décor, and on-site event staffing - we make sure that every detail is covered. We see the forest for the trees and manage the little stuff so that the big picture is smooth and successful. Ensuring your event's success by paying attention to the details is how we plan to astound.


20 VIPs, each in different states, need to get to your event? Easy.
200 attendees need to fly to your event from all across the globe? No problem.

Travel can be challenging to coordinate on a good day. The Event Group's staff has seen their fair share of daunting travel needs, and we've come through every time. We offer full-service travel coordination from flights around the world to busing attendees from the hotel to the venue. Whether it's 20 or 200 that need to get from here to there, you can count on us to handle the coordination with cost savings in mind.

Venue Selection

Location is everything.

Picking the right venue requires knowing the details about each venue before making your move.The best part about having a team of experienced event planners is their familiarity with producing events at a wide array of venues, both large and small, in the Twin Cities, across the country, and internationally. From small meeting rooms to ballrooms and hotels to convention centers, choosing the right location (along with identifying and managing hidden fees) for your event is key to its success.


We offer a highly sophisticated, database driven online registration solution that is fully customizable for your event.

Pre-event and on-site registration systems are completely integrated to ensure an efficient and speedy registration process for event attendees. Best of all, we employ the strictest of security standards when dealing with registration data so that your event data is kept safe and headaches are kept to a nice round number - zero. During registration and after the event, we provide customized reports to show you where you have met or exceeded your goals and where improvements in registration numbers can be made. Our online registration system uses SSL 3.0 technology and is PCI DDS Level 1 Compliant.

Sponsorship Sales

For a sold out show, and a brilliant return on investment.

It's no secret that it takes a lot of work to sell out an event for thousands of people. But imagine selling event sponsorships on top of all that. The Event Group sales staff gets other companies in your industry involved in your event. We can even help you design and develop sponsorship packages that are tailored to your event and your target market. Sponsorship sales - and sponsorship fulfillment - bring in additional revenue, allowing your event to be even bigger and better while also bringing in credibility with the support of other players in the industry. So when the crowd shows up to your event, you know that they'll be astounded.

Exhibitor Coordination

So 5,000 exhibitors and attendees walk into your event...

Checking in your 5,000 exhibitors and attendees might seem daunting, but The Event Group makes the coordination of your exhibitors a smooth and seamless process. We handle pre-event registrations, early check-ins, on-site exhibitor needs, on-site meals, additional ticket sales to exhibitors, and post-event follow up. We work with exhibitors to ensure that the entire coordination process goes off without a hitch.

Event Marketing

We can market your event like no other event planner can! Want to know how?

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