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Andersen Windows approached The Event Group to develop an educational event to get their window products in front of more contractors and builders while providing installation training, showcasing the superiority of the product, and building brand awareness for Andersen Windows, all without making it feel like a sales pitch.


The Event Group developed, staged, and produced a multi-city “Remodeling Live” seminar to get Andersen Windows products in front of key purchasers (hardware stores) in order to increase sales and brand exposure and help the client build relationships with key product users. The Event Group positioned Remodeling Live as a turn-key educational program opportunity that could broadly reach new and prospective remodelers. The Event Group worked with the client to identify the target markets, put together a strategic event and marketing plan that would enable the client to get in front of the right people, and executed all aspects of this event, from marketing to registration to event logistics.


The Event Group made attendees feel like VIPs, provided exposure for the client across country, secured complimentary partners to offset expenses and add additional content for the audience, and developed relationships with industry partners for the client. By engaging local remodeling associations and utilizing their promotional assets, The Event Group was able to bring relevant educational content to remodelers in targeted geographic areas via a high impact, affordable, one-day program at conveniently located venues.