The Event Group

Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care


Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care (MNHPC) got its start in 1980 when a group of committed individuals came together to form Hospice Minnesota (now MNHPC). Minnesota was, and continues to be, a leader in the hospice field. Today, MNHPC is the state’s leading palliative and hospice care network, bringing providers, business partners, individuals and donors together to increase knowledge and access to services and strengthen advocacy for people living with a serious illness or approaching end of life. MNHPC had a vision to transform the way individuals and organizations think about and deliver palliative and hospice care. With this in mind, MNHPC invited best-selling author and surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande to speak at an event in honor of its 35th anniversary. In his most recent book, Being Mortal, Dr. Gawande explores the limitations of health care delivery and what really matters in end-of-life care. In an effort to meet its vision and goals, MNHPC reached out to The Event Group, Incorporated for experience and support in producing this massive event.


Upon understanding the event goals and vision, The Event Group immediately began a strategic planning process to identify the key elements of success for this production. The Event Group researched various database platforms that would align with the organization’s needs while developing a process to ensure a smooth check-in for the anticipated audience. The Event Group managed all aspects related to logistics, including venue negotiations, contracting and managing more than a dozen third-party vendors, and working with audio visual and television producers to bring the vision and mission to life.


The “Speaking of Being Mortal” event was a huge success. It had 400 registrants in the first two hours of registration and sold out more than two weeks prior to the production. In the end, 2,528 people came out to hear Dr. Gawande speak during a discussion moderated by Cathy Wurzer of Minnesota Public Radio. Most importantly, the production was moving, empowering and impactful. There is no doubt the group’s message will continue to be pushed forward and the energy and momentum created will carry on. Susan Marschalk, Executive Director of MNHPC, stated: “I was absolutely blown away by the event. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I received a flurry of emails from people thanking us for the experience including one of our board members who stated that this was the most moving event he has attended since his daughter's wedding. YEAH! Thank you so much – all of you at The Event Group are wonderful. We are all so grateful.”