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To bring together the world's opinion leaders for a multi-day symposium to identify the future trends in the field of dentistry and position 3M ESPE™ dental care as a market leader.


The Event Group produced a four day global symposium composed of meetings, tours, VIP receptions, and dinners. World experts were identified and invited, resulting in attendance from 42 countries. Each attendee received red carpet treatment and was treated like a VIP, while still bringing the event in under budget. The registration process included developing a custom registration database, extending electronic VIP invitations, and coordinating travel from more than 40 countries. Logistics included hotel rooming lists, audio/visual coordination, food and beverage specifications, transportation, and speaker rehearsals. Since the event was focused around innovation and digital technology, all event marketing materials, registration, and communications were handled electronically. Upon arrival, delegates were provided hand-held digital devices containing all event presentation collateral, from PowerPoint presentations to PDF files.


The 3M ESPE™ Global Symposium was a great success. Not only were over 90% of the attendees highly satisfied with the overall symposium experience, but a post-event survey also showed that 95% of attendees highly agreed that 3M ESPE™ is an excellent source of information on digital dentistry. In addition, as the objective was to position 3M ESPE™ as a market leader, we were thrilled to see nearly 70% of attendees left the Symposium with a higher opinion of 3M ESPE™ than when they arrived.